I offer nearly everything graphic design related.
This is including, but not limited to: logos, fliers, postcards, sale tags, banners, limited web design, full imagery sets [good for new businesses, includes a logo, themes, etc.], letterheads, photo touch-up, and more. You can find examples of most of these in my portfolio.

I also offer products with custom designs here.
These can range from tank tops to personalized shoes.
I do not charge a fee for creating a custom look for any specific product. If you have an idea that you would like to see on a shoe, for example, simply contact me and we will discuss it. All I ask is that you purchase the finished product through my Zazzle store.

I also offer my painting services for a fee. I usually prefer to do more decorative pieces rather than realistic pieces. There are no examples of these in my portfolio. Instead, email me to receive them.

I am very flexible as far as payment for any service goes. I will work with your budget so that you can have the graphics you deserve, regardless of how much you have to spend! I promise we can reach an agreement for pricing, no matter what your project entails.

Thank you!